Having difficulty getting your system setup or getting it to work as it should? We will come to you and provide you with a full on-site service to get you back up and running.

  • General health check for your computer or device – malware, adware or virus removal, hard drive examination.
  • Initial setup – initial setup and configuration of computer or device.
  • Mail, Calendar & Contacts configuration – configure one or more mail accounts on one or more devices.
  • System upgrades – upgrade of computer or device operating systems.
  • Software installation – installation and configuration of software, or third party software.
  • Hardware upgrades – RAM and Hard Drive installations.
  • Network setup – advice and/or setup of a home or small business network as well as the best possible service provider advice.
  • Backup – advice and/or setup of suitable backup solution.
  • Printer & Scanner setup – networked, wireless or USB printer & scanner setup and configuration.
  • Computer migration – complete PC to Mac migration or vice versa.



Having hardware issues with your computer? We will diagnose the problem and arrange to have it repaired by a certified technician.

  • Repairs – iHelpiSupport will diagnose any hardware issue and repair onsite or offsite as necessary. All repair services are carried out in accordance with strict guidelines and repair procedures. All parts are sourced directly from well respected parts manufacturers.
  • Upgrades  iHelpiSupport will come to you onsite and upgrade your computer as required. We also provide the hardware if and when required.



It is not always easy to grasp how things work when training in groups or when your away from your normal working environment. We will take you step-by-step through everything you need to know with one on one training.

  • System upgrade or restore – learn how to perform a system upgrade or restore on any Apple device.
  • Device basics – we can teach you how to use and get the most out of your computer and devices.
  • Software – iTunes, iPhoto and iMovie. Pages, Keynote and Numbers. Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
  • Cloud – sync your computer or device seamlessly.
  • Airplay – learn how to stream Movies, Music and Photos wirelessly using the new Airplay technology.
  • Mail, Calendar & Contacts – learn how to configure and use Mail, Calendar & Contacts effectively.
  • Software installation – learn how to safely install any software or third party software.
  • Hardware upgrades – learn how to safely upgrade your computers RAM and Hard Drive.
  • Backup – we can teach you how to backup wirelessly using Time Machine, you will never need to worry about losing data again.
  • Wireless printing & scanning – learn how to setup your printer or scanner to print and scan wirelessly.